Insert Witty Title Here


I can’t even think of a title for this blog entry, how lame is that? Well I didn’t actually write an entry yesterday because it was a pretty bad day. I couldn’t really type, I was in so much pain, just being on my phone was difficult. I didn’t sleep much and I was in so much pain all over, I barely made it through a short trip to Woolies. The headache was hitting early, so I made it to my local massage place. I had a neck, shoulders and arms massage, painful as anything but it did loosen up my muscles and hopefully blood is flowing better now. After that I came home and had lunch, barely made it through a walk with my dog and I ended up in bed for several hours. After that I just relaxed on the couch and I finished reading Horns. I ended up watching the film as well and had a restless night. That was my Sunday.

I am not having as much trouble walking today, but the pain is so bad. My hands aren’t too bad so I am obviously able to type. It will be *gulp* period time soon so I will be basically useless. Not sure what today holds, but this week I will be getting forms for DSP and the Disabled Parking, as well as looking into the counseling again and seeing my GP at the end of the week when my saliva test results are back in. I want to get the ball rolling as quick as possible, Mum goes away again for a couple of weeks soon. Not really looking forward to being on my own again, in fact it scares me. I struggled last time and my symptoms have been all over the place lately. so I guess I will see.

I plan to go to Armageddon Expo this weekend, I am excited but also not due to how I have been feeling this week. I don’t know how long I will last, if I will manage things, it does scare me but I can’t think about it now because I wont know how my symptoms are being until the end of the week. I like to think ahead and make plans if I can, I like to have a schedule, so I can pace myself.

And next weekend I am having my 30th birthday BBQ, I haven’t had many RSVP’s, which automatically makes me think no one likes me. Which I am sure isn’t the actual case, but that is where my mind automatically goes. Whatever the case, whether a few friends show up or more, I want to have the best time I can have. I know I have missed friends birthdays due to my health and I feel so bad about it, to the point I have cried over it. I can’t help but feel people not coming is their way of making it up to me for not going to theirs. I really don’t know, I haven’t felt happy about this upcoming BBQ, because I keep picturing myself sitting there all alone. I know that what be the case, I just need a pick me up in terms of people actually showing interest.

Don’t know what the rest of Monday has in store for me, I may continue on with another book, I have lots to read and again it is the one thing I can seem to manage even if my concentration is all over the place and I need to reread pages because things went over my head.


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