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Yikes I haven’t posted for awhile …

I haven’t posted for awhile, it has been a busy few days. Friday I was out all day, in the city doing media for Armageddon Expo and then Saturday I attended Armageddon Expo. Those two days have set off a big flare up and my fatigue has been horrendous, today wasn’t as bad but still I am not doing well.

I had a busy day today, accompanied Mum to the dentist, then we went to Doncaster and had lunch. Got some party supplies for my birthday BBQ on Saturday and then we went to Greensborough Plaza for a few things.

Finally resting, and tomorrow I have counseling and then Physio in the afternoon.

If I wasn’t with a bad headache I would be writing more.



Intro Post

Ok, here we are. I have made the decision to keep a blog to help me deal with suffering from chronic illnesses. There are many of them that are debilitating. Basically, I can’t have a regular job, or a regular life. In short these illnesses that I suffer are a disability.

Starting a blog and writing about my experiences is something I have wanted to do for some time and I am hoping it will be a kind of therapy for me.

It isn’t easy to let others know how I feel, and perhaps this may give my friends and family some in sight.

I definitely get told a lot “you don’t look sick” or “you’re too young for that”. Well you don’t need to ‘look sick’ to actually be sick and suffering from something. The chronic illnesses I suffer from are invisible, you can’t see fibromyalgia or chronic migraines. When people close to you don’t understand, it actually makes things so much more difficult and I personally feel offended hearing these things.

It does get tiresome to hear “get well soon” knowing that you don’t just magically get better, or being told “you don’t look sick, you look well”. Yes these things are said with the best intentions but unfortunately they can be hurtful. It helps to hear things like “I hope you have a good day or a positive day” or “it is nice to see you looking positive”. These really help.

Hopefully in this blog I can help people understand me more, as well as what I am suffering. I know I am not alone with what I suffer, so I hope this blog helps.